The Jim Cuddy Band

The Jim Cuddy Band - November 4th 2024, Monday, 7:00 PM

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A digital download of “All The World Fades Away” included with every ticket for this show.

Rock.It Boy Entertainment presents THE JIM CUDDY BAND: ALL THE WORLD TOUR on Monday, November 4 at the ENMAX Centre - 2510 Scenic Dr S, Lethbridge, AB T1K 1N2.

How do you chronicle a life, especially as a widely acclaimed musician with a thousand hair-raising stories to tell, while simultaneously and simply documenting the present moment? And why would anyone assign themselves such a task?

JIM CUDDY’S dazzling new album, All The World Fades Away, three years in the making, was less an option than an imperative that came out of a rare abundance of time to reflect, tinker, and create. While most rootsy singer-songwriter albums detail what the artist sees looking up, down, and around, All The World Fades Away goes deeper. Its windscreen is wider, maybe because Cuddy is that rare musician with decades to draw from and whose story is very much an arc in progress.

“I’ve begun to wonder why some images have stayed with me over the years and others haven’t. So yes, this album is about looking back. However, I tried to make sure the record is affirming of life as it is now, reflecting how much I like where I’m at today. It’s not wrapping up or being nostalgic for old times. It’s just… surveying,” relates Cuddy.

The songs on All The World Fades Away map Cuddy’s unique compendium of memories and the emotions they stir. They are poignant, personal, and relevant, not just to his life, but also to our own.

As a solo artist and as one of the creative forces in Blue Rodeo, JIM CUDDY has received nearly every accolade Canada can bestow upon a musician including 15 JUNO Awards, and The Order of Canada. Along with his bandmates in Blue Rodeo, Jim has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, received the Governor General Performing Arts Award and a Star on the Walk of Fame.