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Technical Specs

The facility was built as a lasting legacy to the 1975 Canada Winter Games. Over the past 35 years, it has played host to world class concerts, annual three ring circuses, multicultural events, national curling championships, international basketball, banquets, skating events and a major WHL franchise. We are the proud home of the WHL Lethbridge Hurricanes!

This 'all-purpose' event centre features a full-size ice rink, 24 luxury box suites, a 225 seat lounge and full catering capabilities.

Artist Contact Numbers & Room Allotments

Production Office #1:  403-320-4261 &  403-329-7372
                                          Installation of extra phone lines will result in an additional charge.

                                          Cost of existing lines are $100.00 plus GST.

Extra Lines:  403-320-4147  &  403-320-4148
Phantom Line-dial out not in:
Phantom Line-dial out not in:  8059

Outside Calls:  Dial 9 then the #
Digital Lines:
Cost Per Line: 

High Speed Internet Connection: Available in the Production Office, #1 & #2

DSL line charge:  $100/line
DSL managed by: 
ENMAX Centre
Production Office #1, #2: 
Have 3 available ports in each room
Dressing Room #1, #3, #6: 
Have single drops
Recreation Referee’s Room:
Has single drop
First Aid Room: 
Has line available

Dressing Rooms

Dressing Room #1: 18.37 ft x 42.43 ft
Dressing Room #2: 18.37 ft x 22.31 ft
Dressing Room #3: 18.80 ft x 30.18 ft
Dressing Room #4: 18.42 ft x 33.79 ft
Dressing Room #5: 18.80 ft x 30.18 ft
Dressing Room #6: 18.42 ft x 27.00 ft
NOTE: All measurements are room only, does not include hallways, washroom or shower areas
Located on west side of lower concourse

Additional Rooms:
    -Production Room #1 (Catering Room)
    -Production Room #2 (9.5 ft x 21 ft)
Production Room #3 (Referee Room)
    -First Aid Room

Phone lines: Special order required


Company: ENMAX Centre Lounge & Catering Manager
Contact: Tania McMahon
Phone: 403-320-4199
Fax: 403-327-3620
Email: tania.mcmahon@lethbridge.ca
Catering Service Area: Production Room #1
Miscellaneous: Services can be coordinated by Events Manager

Rigging Company

Supplied By: PATMAN Productions Certified Gold Concert Crew Services Inc.
                        Patrick Weeks

Misc. Labour Notes: To be coordinated with Events Manager

Load In

Area: Loading ramp/south east side of ENMAX Centre
Door Size: 14 ft x 14 ft and 14 ft x 8 ft
# of Trucks Allowed In Bay: Two Inside, 15 on Ramp/Roadways
Dock/Bay: No Dock
Push Distance to Stage: 30 to 80 ft
Fire Lane Required: Yes
Case Storage Areas: Back stage areas are available (adjacent to loading ramp)


Description: Outside area Max of 10 + Busses and 10 + Trucks; gated area
Shore Power Available: 8—50 amp
Security: Upon request


NW (Portable Theatre West – 1C):            Total 800amps from transformer feed
(disconnects accept “Cam Locks only”)     400 amp, 200 amp, 200 amp, 100 amp

NE (Portable Theatre East – 1B):            Total 800amps from transformer feed
(disconnects accept “Cam Locks only”)     400 amp, 400 amp, 200 amp, 100 amp

SW (Full Venue Show Power – 1C):            Total 800amps from transformer feed
(disconnects accept “Cam Locks only”)     400 amp, 400 amp, 200 amp, 100 amp

SE (Full Venue Show Power – 1A):            Total 800amps from transformer feed
(disconnects accept “Cam Locks only”)     400 amp, 400 amp, 200 amp, 100 amp

SE (Full Venue Show Power – 1B):            Total 800amps from transformer feed
(disconnects accept “Cam Locks only”)     400 amp, 400 amp, 200 amp, 100 amp

Total Full Venue: 2400 amp
Total Portable Theatre: 1600 amp
Catwalk (disconnects accept “tails only”): East side 208 amps & West side 312 amp

Tail Distance to Power:
Full Venue -
30ft to Stage Right / 30ft to Stage Left
3/4 Venue - 60ft to Stage Right / 60ft to Stage Left
Portable Theatre - 130ft to Stage Right / 95ft to Stage Left

Roof Specifications

Floor to High Steel: 58’-61’
Floor to Low Steel: 45’-48’
Venue Rigging Map Available: Yes
Description of Rigging/Roof Beams: “I” beams
Spans Width: 30’ Main
Beam Widths: Rigging grip can accommodate a variety of motors/point locations & weights - 30’ (mains)
Trusses: Static - 16" Square Truss (installed in 2015) and are rated for 1000lbs per point (split trusses are only 500lbs per point)
Truss Inventory: 

Truss Name: Full or Split Truss: Length of the Truss: Truss to Truss: Distance Between:
 A Full 48’ A to B 10’
B Split 10’ (each side of the clock) B to C 12’
C Split 10’ (each side of the clock) C to D 6’
D Full 48’ D to E 10’
E Full 80’ E to F 10’
F Full 48 F to G 10’
G Full 48’    
South End Full 100’    

Rigging Obstructions: Scoreclock – Portable theatre
Tour Riggers Allowed to High Rig: Yes – Lifelines on main beams
Tour Riggers Allowed to Low Rig: Yes – Lifelines on all main beams

Score Clock

Maximum Trim Height: 35ft
Dimensions:19’ 2” W x 18’ 1” H


Supplied by: Venue has available – 4x8x48” – 78”; 1 modular portable staging; Stage Right – Millennium 500
Max. Stage Dimensions: 64’ x 56’ (but limited to 60' wide for fire access)
Stage Wings: 4' x 8' platforms available
Risers: multiple – 4' x 8' x 8”, 16” or 24” high (12 of each)
Stairs: 4 sets of 24" and 4 sets of 48-78"
Accessible Stage Ramp: 24" High by 24ft Long
Skirting Available: Yes
Fire Aisle: Stage left and right (8ft per aisle)
Distance off Back Wall: Depends on access required, stage size, and promoter needs
Mats Available for Icy Areas: Yes


Floor width: Ice surface – 85' x 200', full bleacher retraction – 240' x 85'
Floor Surface: Concrete (summer) or IceCap Pro Floor (1”) (hockey season)
Dashers: Removable
Floor Notes: Lift outs at each stairway for public access. Dashers can be removed at stage end to provide larger floor space

Event Supplies & Services

Supplied by:
Venue – 3 available on site
Operated by: Venue

Barricades – Blow through – 80 feet
Supplied by: Venue
Set up Labour: Building Staff

Bicycle Rack: Galvanized flat-foot, 300 feet

Spot lights: 4 x 2K super-troopers – FOUR – NE, NW, N-NE and N-NW off the catwalk                                                       2 x 2.5K Lycian – SE and SW corner upper seating
                      2 x 1.5K Canto (Portable)
                      2 x Power supply (NE/NW) lounge wall location - 120 Volt Supply
Supplied by: Venue
Operated by: PATMAN Productions
Com Type: Wired Telex (10 with belt packs plus two wireless)
Headsets/Com Packs Supplied by: Venue

House Lights: Controlled from sound booth via building computer system
Operated by: PATMAN Productions

House Drapes: Flame resistant red material, non-reflective, sound absorbing
Location: South end and portable theatre set up
Supplied by: Venue
Portable Theatre Drapes: Red Valance 48'H x 15' 11" H - Procsinium Opening 48'W x 28' & 7 1/2"H
Small Theatre Drapes: Black Masking and stretched from bulk head to bulk head
Portable/Small Theatre Side Wings: 6 x 10' x 28' side wings (can be used for either small theatre or portable theatre configuration)
Black Back Drop: 48'W x 28'H
Black Side Legs: 10'W x 20'H (4 available)
Black Side Legs: 15'W x 20'H (2 available)

Furniture: 4 full dressing rooms
Pipe and Drape: Black: 1000 linear feet available (10'H)
Police: Upon request - Advanced Notice Required
Laundry: Washer/Dryer - Advanced Notice Required
Towels: Can be supplied by in house Catering

Show Advance: Coordinated with Events Manager
Venue Security: Coordinated with Events Manager

General Information

Doctor: Available upon request - Advanced Notice Required
Massage Therapy: Available upon request - Advanced Notice Required
Chiropractic Care: Available upon request  - Advanced Notice Required
Dentist: Available upon request - Advanced Notice Required

**Please contact Becky Little for referrals to professional and other services**

HVAC Info: Computer Controlled by Venue Operations

Sound System

1400 watts
Bose Panaray System
44 Speakers
4 Sub Woofers
32 Channel Allen & Health Sound Board
Portable Capabilities

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